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“Simplicity #2”

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Basically same data as the image posted below “Simplicity #1”  only I posted another image with more trees and did not correct the lens distortion (pin cushion and barrel distortion).   On this one I had the camera pointed upwards so you cannot see the ground but can see the tree tops and sky a little better. PP in Lightroom and used Nik Silver Efex pro B/W conversion.  Framed in PSE-7.



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Today was a nice day and I figured I would try to get an image or two.  The scene I was looking for was just a rather large tree in a spacious field and if properly  composed would make a very simple but striking photo.  Well I could not find that tree and field.  But what I did find was a very large stand of thin Maple trees probably covering a couple of acres of land out in Mattituck, NY,  not too far from my house.  I knew right away that if I could get the proper composition it would make a nice Black/White conversion.  I don’t know whose property it was as it was located between a Church and a house. 

I took around 20 shots both vertical and horizontal.  I used my wide-angle lens so I knew that I would get perspective lens distortion but I fixed that up in Elements.  There is a super Black/White conversion program out there made by Nik software called Silver Efex Pro.  I downloaded the trial version (can be used for 15 days) and did my conversion.  All my PP was done in Lightroom and then I sent it to Elements to fix the lens distortion and frame.  Personally I took a very simplistic subject and made a nice photo out of it. 

Nikon D90,  2010/02/21 13:35:54,  RAW (12-bit)
Lens: 12-24mm F/4 G @ Focal Length: 12mm
Exposure Mode: Aperture Priority
Metering Mode: Multi-Pattern
1/125 sec – F/20
Exposure Comp.: -0.7 EV
Sensitivity: ISO 200,  White Balance: Auto,  AF Mode: AF-S

Self Portrait #3

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You all must know by now that I am a life member of the NRA.  Can you tell?  Just played around for some extreme portrait of myself to give some insight into my grey matter.  I absolutely love the shooting sports  and a true believer in the “Second Amendment”.  The motto on top is just a few words from the beginning and ending of parts of the 2nd amendment.

I merged two photos in Elements.  The photo of the handsome guy in the center was  taken last summer by my DW and the Silver certificate and ammo ( M1-30 caliber) was taken yesterday in my DIY Lightbox.  I did very little PP in Lightroom but did use the Liquify/warp filters and added a little noise on my center image.  It was a fun photo and hopefully  you can better see who I am.

“Self Portrait #2”

Posted in Uncategorized on February 16, 2010 by Edmund

This is fun!  See what you can do all day when you are retired, the kids moved out and the DW went to get her hair done.:):):).  I gave my Bio on the first one and also used original photos shot today for that one.  So now I can cheat a little and I used old photos that I had in my archives saved especially for this mini-assignment.  Remember I said I worked for Grumman aircraft.  Well they built the infamous “Lunar Module”  and landed men on the moon.  I always envied the astronauts for their talent, knowledge  and the prospect of visiting our nearest neighbor in our  solar system.  Well I recently had the honor of meeting  Buzz Aldrin when he was inducted into the Long Island Cradle  of Aviation a few months ago.  He was the second living human to step on the moon’s surface.  That night as I lay sleeping I dreamed that I was on the moon and took my self-portrait  in my sleep.  How do you like it?

“Self Portrait”

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Hi everyone !  My name is Ed, and I am a avid amateur photo bug.   I probably picked  up my first camera around mid to late forties.  Does that make me archaic?  Not quite but I’m getting there.  My first camera was a Brownie Box #2 camera. I think it used  #127 roll film.  Any way I knew at a very early age I loved photography.  I grew up in Bohemia, LI, NY and after High School joined the US Navy and did a little traveling around the Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea ,  Europe and South America.  After discharge I got a tremendous job with Grumman Aircraft and worked in flight test.  I got married in 1959 and we started a family.  I started college while at Grumman and finally got my BSEE from University of Florida (“Gators” ).  Back to Grumman and retired in 1994.  I did a lot of traveling while at Grumman and lived  in San Diego, San Francisco, and Washington State.    Today I still live on Long Island not far from where I grew up.  I have three children (all married) and three grand children.  My favorite hobbies are competitive shooting mainly rifle and shotgun, camping , hiking, canoeing and of course Photography. 

When I saw this new mini-assignment I was going to do some wierd self-portrait but decided to just post a simple one for beginners.  If I feel up to it I’ll post another a little more artistic in nature. My wife said you can’t take a picture of yourself you didn’t shower yet, and are un-shaven and last but not least unkempt hair.  So I put my NRA hat on, heavy flannel shirt and covered my beard with my camera while poising.  Nobody can see!   The shot was real simple to do.  Here was my thinking while setting up.  I stood in front of the large dresser mirror in my daughters old bedroom and saw that there was not much light coming in the window as it is snowing again.  So I got my flash , boosted  ISO to 400, manual focus, and pointed my flash almost straight up and snapped this shot.  The light is a little harsh so I sort of brushed out some of the highlights ( on my hands) in Lightroom and converted to gray-scale/sepia toned.  How do I look?.  After I copied and pasted my exif data I saw I made two slight mistakes in my camera settings.  Care to tell us all what they were?

 Nikon D90,  2010/02/16 13:32:36,  RAW (12-bit)
Lens: VR 18-200mm F/3.5-5.6 G
Focal Length: 105mm
Exposure Mode: Aperture Priority
Metering Mode: Spot
1/60 sec – F/5.3
Exposure Comp.: 0 EV,  Sensitivity: ISO 400,  White Balance: Auto,  AF Mode: Manual
Flash Sync Mode: Front Curtain
Flash Mode: Optional, TTL                                     
VR Control: Off
High ISO NR: Off


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This was a little project I did this evening for another photography forum that had a theme assignment of  “Shallow DOF”.  Since I took this image today I thought it would also fit our “Alone” theme.  I know that I don’t have to describe why it fits the topic.  I again used my light box and place our large family Bible in it and took numerous pictures trying to attain a very shallow DOF yet leaving the subject in sharp focus.  I used my little 50mm f/1.8 lens and first tried f/1.8 but the DOF was way too shallow so I switched to f/2.0.  You can see what I did by examining the exif data. I also spot metered the image (printed section in focus) and used a tripod.

 Nikon D90,  2010/02/15 01:26:52
RAW (12-bit),  Lens: 50mm F/1.8 D, Focal Length: 50mm
Exposure Mode: Aperture Priority, Metering Mode: Spot
1/1000 sec – F/2
Exposure Comp.: 0 EV
Sensitivity: ISO 200, White Balance: Auto, AF Mode: Manual


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Well the weather is not cooperating and it is a cold, overcast day so I figured I’d stay inside and play with my Light Box.  I have  fond memories of this chess set as it was  given to me by my Grandfather way back when I was around 10 years old.  My family came from Hungary and on a visit back to the Europe he bought me this hand painted chess set and taught me how to play chess.  It is  in pretty good shape with  the paint slightly chipping off but otherwise still usable.

I love to explain how I got a shot just bear with me.  I recently saw a shot similar to this on another forum so the idea immediately clicked in.  I used a black background in my light box and placed my chess set in and carefully aligned all the angles up so as to look as a symmetrical object.  My camera has grid lines in the viewfinder which comes in handy for something like this.  They can be turned on or off.  First I  raised and lowered the tripod till I was satisfied with the height.  Then I carefully positioned each chess piece and tried various f-stops from f/4.5 thru f/32.  I have 11 focus points on my D-90 and used the bottom center one and auto-focused on the front edge of the chess case directly in the lower center (not on the chess pieces).  When I was at a wider f/stop the DOF was not deep enough to keep the chess pieces in sharp focus.   So I settled for two shots one at f/22 and one at f/32.  I ended up using the one at  f/32 as it was just a tad bit sharper and then post processed in Lightroom.  I use RAW and was glad because I had a hard time getting a correct white balance for this one.  I used two lights mounted by a clamp on the top, on each side.  It’s interesting to note that the background is almost black but when using the lights it looks almost dark grey but you can see the black sides of the chess case.  This case ( wooden box) folds up and the chess pieces are stored inside. 

 Nikon D90,  2010/02/13 16:00:33
RAW (12-bit)
Lens: VR 18-200mm F/3.5-5.6 G
Focal Length: 50mm,  1/1.3 sec – F/32
Exposure Comp.: +0.3 EV
Exposure Mode: Aperture Priority
Metering Mode: Multi-Pattern
Sensitivity: ISO 400, White Balance: Auto
AF Mode: AF-S                                
VR Control: Off
High ISO NR: Off