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“Emotion’s”, Memorial Day

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Quote:  “Memorial Day is a United States Federal holiday observed on the last Monday of May (May 31 in 2010).  Formerly known as Decoration Day, it commemorates U.S. men and women who died while in the Military Service.   First enacted to honor Union  soldiers of the American Civil War  (it is celebrated near the day of reunification after the Civil War), it was expanded after World War I. “

I enjoyed reading about the history of Memorial Day.  I think that at times we forget the real, true meaning of certain Federal Holidays.  On Monday May 31, 2010  we observe this holiday.  I know only one person who gave his life for his country and that man happened to be my father.  As a result of this I have always been a fanatical history buff about World War-II, Korea, Vietnam and now of course Iraq and Afganistan.  I visit my fathers grave regularly to say hello and tell him I love him.  Ones “Emotions” are aroused when visiting  a National Cemetary which I did today to pay respect to some family members and friends.  I took my camera, tripod and all my gear for an emotional photo shoot.  These shots  were an experiement with HDR as I did not know how they would turn out with the very brisk wind blowing all the perfectly placed  flags.  I guess the jury is out as, at first,  I really liked the effect of the moving flags but then I had reservations.  To be honest,  I  do not know why.  Any way food for thought, so let me know what you think.     The image above was taken as I was on my way out but when I saw that flag really blowing around I had to stop.  Some one placed  three flags on this pole ( at half mast) , A MIA  flag, a Navy flag and then our American flag.  The man was a Korean  War Vet.  I will admit it is different.  Five shots at one stop increments and processed in Lightroom and Photomatix Pro.

The grave site in the bottom, right,foreground is my dear wife’s sister,  Dolores.  She died in an automobile accident in 1981. 

“Gerry”, was one of my best friends for 30 plus years while working at Grumman Aerospace.   These images were taken at Calverton National Cemetay, Calverton, NY.  And yes it was an “Emotional photo tour but it was fun and I did a lot of talking to family and friends.  I also learned a little about photography and my camera.

The above shot  is a single photo of the same scene as in my photo #1.  I knew that the flag was flying around and did not know how it would turn out in HDR processing so I snapped one more shot waiting for a good moment when the flag was strecthed out.   Processed in LR and used Silver Efex Pro for B/W conversion.


“Passage of Time”

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This old house sits on the property of the Long Island Power Authority, Shoreham/Wading River Nuclear Power Plant.   LIPA has said for many years they are in the process of maintaining and restoring  this house but as you can see it needs a lot of work.  When they confiscated / took over the property for the Nuclear plant the house just was left in neglect.  Time will tell if they ever get around to being serious about fixing the old house up.  LIPA took control of this property in the early 70’s  so they had 40 or so years to do it. 

This was about the fourth trip to this spot to get the image.  There is a high chain link fence surrounding the property but off to this side (right) there is a spot where I could place my tripod and click away.   I took seven shots of this in around  1-EV increments.  I only used five for the HDR processing in Photomatix Pro software.

“Domesticated Wildlife”

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Nikon D-90,  Nikkor 12-24mm, ISO-200 ,  @12mm, F/19, 1/90 sec.,  Circular polarizer.

My wife and I took a ride last week on the North Fork of Long Island , NY.   For those who don’t know this area was a farming community for many years.  All sorts of crops were grown here to provide NY City and Long Island with fresh produce.  Now an increaseing number of farms have been sold and the new owners are growing grapes for wine.  This farm/vinyard is the Martha Clara Vineyard, in Riverhead, NY.   It is the “Entenmann Family Farm” run by Jacqueline Entenmann  They have a year round schedule and have many private events.  Located on the property by the parking lot they have some animals out in the fields.  When I was there last weekend a wedding party was arriving  and we  probably could not make a tour of the winery so I quickly took these shots of a couple of  very interesting animals.  That Bull came running from the other side of the lot and came really close as he sized me up.  The Llama was very tame and let us pet her.  I think I will come back in a few weeks as they are going to have a antique car show.

Nikon D-90,   Nikkor 70-300mm lens at 70mm ,  1/250 sec.,  F/11,  ISO-200

Nikon D-90,  Nikkor 18-200mm, @ 32mm, 1/250 sec., F/11,  ISO-200

“Religion or Faith”

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I went to Saint Anthony of Padua Church in Rocky Point, NY the other day and took some pictures both inside and outside.  You saw the one outside that I posted the other day.  This is also a HDR image ( four shots) processed in Photomatix Pro 3.2.   I really had a lot of trouble with the lighting inside as there was basically three sources of light.  Outside natural light coming in from the windows and both  fluorescent and incandescent lighting.  That played havoc with my White Balance adjustments.  No matter what I tried I could not get a true representation of color on the rug surrounding the Altar.  I  tried changing the WB in RAW on each shot and in Photomatix and also in PS but nothing worked.  Any suggestions?  I probably should have located the circuit breaker panel and played with the lights a little but I felt it might have gotten some one annoyed.   It would be just my luck to hit the wrong breaker and cause a Black out in church:) well I could tell the priest that the “Devil made me do it”.  It was a fun shot and I again learned a lot that is, I must read the light better and try to predict the results. If it wasn’t for that I like the image as I can see into the shadows and brightest areas.

Nikon D90,  2010/05/14 16:13:55,  RAW (12-bit)
Lens: 12-24mm F/4 G,  Focal Length: 12mm, F/8
Exposure Mode: Manual,  Metering Mode: Multi-Pattern
Sensitivity: ISO 200,  White Balance: Auto,  AF Mode: AF-S             
Long Exposure NR: Off,  VR Control: Off,  High ISO NR: Off


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 HDR processing and techniques is definitely addictive.  I again have to thank Mike for the great tutorial.  It really is not because it is that difficult but in a way I was a little lazy and did not try to take multiple shots and use the tripod.  I got it down now that I can visualize my shot, set up camera and tripod and take five shots of a scene in say less then five minutes.   This was taken at Saint Anthony’s  of Padua RC Church in Rocky Point, NY.  It is located off to the side of the Church and parking lot.  It is such a “Peaceful”  location that on nice days one can sit for a few moments and say hello to ones higher power or meditate if one feels up to it.  During the summer months concerts are held in this parking lot and are very enjoyable.

Nikon D90,  2010/05/14 16:24:31
RAW (12-bit),  Lens: 12-24mm F/4 G,  Focal Length: 12mm, F/8 (varied shutter speed for 1 1/2- 2 stops) increments.
Exposure Mode: Manual, Metering Mode: Multi-Pattern
Sensitivity: ISO 200,  White Balance: Auto,  AF Mode: AF-S

Rhododendron “Blooms” 2

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This one is in my front yard along the side of my garage and also a Hybrid and about 10-12 feet high.  I love the deep redish color of this one.  It was late afternoon when I took this one and I figured I’d try a fill flash.  I used my Nikon SB-800  for fill flash.  The fill light was a little harsh so when I transferred this photo from Lightroom to Elements I used a very little ( 0.2 ) of Gaussian Blur Filter  on it to reduce the flash reflections on the water droplets on the flower petals.  I also framed it in Elements and used a rather strong Vignette in Lightroom.

Nikon D90,  2010/05/12 17:21:41
RAW (12-bit),  Lens: VR 18-200mm F/3.5-5.6 G,  Focal Length: 130mm
Exposure Mode: Aperture Priority,  Metering Mode: Multi-Pattern
1/60 sec – F/11,  Exposure Comp.: 0 EV
Sensitivity: ISO 200,  White Balance: Auto,  AF Mode: AF-S
Flash Sync Mode: Front Curtain
Flash Mode: Optional, TTL                                
Long Exposure NR: Off
VR Control: On

Rhododendron “Blooms”

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This Rhododendron is in my back yard along the side of the garage.  We planted this one at least 33 years ago when we moved into our home.  Now it’s about 10-12 feet high and in very good condition.  It was rainy outside today and I know that the soft diffused light is well suited to take flower shots.  That deep rich color is just about right on what it really looks like.  I should also mention that this was a hybrid Rhododendron raised by a local florist and that is why the colors were so deep. 

Nikon D90,  2010/05/12 13:51:53
RAW (12-bit),  Lens: 50mm F/1.8 D,  1/500 sec – F/1.8
Exposure Mode: Aperture Priority
Metering Mode: Multi-Pattern
Sensitivity: ISO 1000
White Balance: Auto, AF Mode: AF-S                                 
High ISO NR: On (Normal)