A little history about me

 I grew up in NY and have lived here all my life. Graduated from HS in 1955 and joined the US Navy. After I got discharged I got married to my lovely wife of 50 years. We had three children one boy and two girls and now have three grand children. My passion for photography was developed from a young age. My uncle had a darkroom and I loved to watch him develope his black and white film and then use the enlarger to make prints. I quickly learned and got my first camera (a box camera 120 film) and started taking my own pictures. After we got married I went to college at the University of Florida for my Electrical Engineering degree. I got a job with Grumman Aircraft and stayed with them until retirement in 1994. I bought my first 35mm camera while in the Navy (Argus C-3) and then later on in my travels bought my first Nikon F in 1966. I am presently using a Nikon D-90. I started with a DSLR in 2007 with a D-80. I learned PSE and editing with the help of everyone on these forums. I hope to better my eye for Photography and I here that practice helps.

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