Purpose of my 2010 Blog

Hello every one!  Welcome to my new photography blog for 2010. This is a joint venture in which a group of fellow photography enthusiasts will attempt to post images (on one’s own blog ) based upon a designated theme list. We all will then collectively comment and discuss each other’s images. The purpose of course will be to sharpen one’s photographic skills and learn from other’s experience and techniques. It is my opinion that image interpretation, comments and critique’s can be highly subjective but I know and feel that I will enormously gain from this 2010 “Virtual Photo Walk”. I sincerely hope you will enjoy viewing my photographs as much as I have enjoyed taking them. In reality each image will be taken this year with possibly a few exceptions. It is my goal to complete this “Virtual Photo Walk” and at the same time learn and grow both artistically and technically in my endeavor to “Capture a Moment in Time”. I am anxiously looking forward to our collective photographic experiences in  2010.

 All Images Copyright © Edmund . All Rights Reserved. Any usage without specific written permission is prohibited. 

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